024. How To Honor Your Body During Pregnancy with Betty Franco (@empowered_by_betty)

Mar 31, 2021


Today, I am welcoming guest Betty Franco to the podcast to chat about all things pregnancy!!

If you are currently pregnant or are trying to get pregnant, and you want to learn how to honor your body throughout this pregnancy and embrace every moment of it – this is your episode!!

🔘  Why Betty started her Instagram account @empowered_by_betty (2:05)

🔘 How Betty’s fitness journey began & what prompted her love for fitness (4:26)

🔘 How Betty handled comments about her weight and about what she was eating, during her pregnancy (8:40)

🔘 Addressing the contact pressure to get back to pre-baby weight and how to not let that get to you (12:20)

🔘 How Betty has balanced working out during pregnancy (21:00)

🔘 Betty’s advice on setting boundaries with others making comments about your pregnancy, so you can enjoy your pregnancy (28:40)



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