025. The Answer to WHY You Obsess Over Food

Apr 12, 2021


“All I think about is food – ALL DAY LONG. Why is this happening?!! 😫”

I hear that ^ all of the time from clients. If you feel the same way, I’m here to help. In this episode, I am diving into the 3 reasons why you are obsessing over food.

The solution:✨Physical & EMOTIONAL satisfaction✨ The beautiful (and scary) thing about your body is that it knows what to do, you dont have to try to control everything anymore.

So, where do we start with physical & EMOTIONAL satisfaction?


First Step: Look at what you are eating, and ask yourself.. like REALLY ask yourself, “am I getting enough food where I feel physically full AND do I like what I am eating?”


Im so ready for it ry

I have a gift for you.

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