029. What To Do After Overeating

May 5, 2021


You overeat.

**Cue instant shame, guilt, and discomfort

NOT ANYMORE. In this episode, I am sharing with you exactly what to do after overeating.

You had a little too much food, just like sometimes we have a little too much to drink 🤷🏼‍♀️ it happens. Your body is going to take care of the food – and together you and I are going to take care of your MIND 🤗 I know your anxiety is probably through the roof, thinking about what that scale is going to say.. I know what that feels like. Before you decide to purge, workout for 2+ hours, weigh yourself or go down a hate-shame spiral for the rest of the day. Pause, breathe. Here is what you’re going to do…

01. Drink some tea or water to help aid digestion

02. Change into clothes that aren’t tight on your stomach (if you can’t, unbutton your pants)

03. Reflect. Think about why this might have happened? What were you feeling emotionally today? Did you restrict at all today?

04. Focus on what you can do to FEEL GOOD, rather than punishing yourself

05. Resist the urge to go on a diet. The temptation is real – I get that, but you KNOW that doesn’t work.

Oh and BONUS: get rid of the scale. It doesn’t help. You don’t need it.


Im so ready for it ry

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