Marissa Marsh

032. Using Your Mind as A Muscle, Not A Weight with Marissa Marsh (@marissamarsh_)

May 20, 2021


Today I am welcoming Marissa Marsh to the podcast. This episode has SO MUCH INFO on mindset, seriously get your notebook ready. If you’ve ever thought… “I feel like I know what would make me feel my best, but I can’t seem to do it” or “If I could only shut up my mind…” this is your episode!

Marissa Marsh

Time Stamps: 

[1:32] Marissa’s Story & Growth Mindset

[2:57] What NLP is and how this strengthens mindset

[4:37] using NLP to let go of body shame

[15:53] What self-sabotage is, why we do it, and how to overcome it

[20:02] Addressing limiting beliefs & building self-worth

[25:31] Overcoming the comparison-its

[26:50] Using your mind as muscle rather than weight

[30:45] How to let go of the fear of gaining weight

[33:14] 4 pillars of health

[39:10] Words of wisdom for shifting mindset



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