Makena Romagnano

020. How to Prioritize Fitness without it being an Obsession with Makena Romagnano (@balancedmakena)

Mar 3, 2021


I am welcoming guest Makena Romagnano to talk about all things ED recovery, fitness, mental health, and being a collegiate athlete. I just adore Makena and her outlook on fitness and life. If you have ever struggled with balancing fitness, mental health, and food with life – this is your episode!

Makena Romagnano

🔘  how Makena changed her identity after it revolving around being a terns player for so long (4:45)

🔘  Makena’s eating disorder story (8:15)

🔘 How Makena embraced recovery and changed her life (12:45)

🔘 The reality of balancing being a college athlete and a full-time student (17:50)

🔘 Navigating the pressure of the idea that tennis is all about “glitz and glam” (20:50)

🔘 Makena’s all in food journey (26:50)

🔘 How Makena coped with weight gain while in recovery (30:30)

🔘 How Makena balances fitness and her mental health (34:16)

🔘 Advice for learning how to actually enjoy fitness (43:00)



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