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3 Reasons Why You Might Be Binge Eating

Feb 28, 2021

Do you find yourself constantly wondering: why am I binge eating? Let me tell you, it’s not because

  • you have no willpower
  • you need to diet harder
  • you have cookies in the house
  • something is wrong with you

You are binge eating because your body is reacting to deprivation. There are three types of deprivation that cause binge eating:

01. Food Deprivation

Food deprivation occurs from either restricting calories as a whole or restricting certain food groups. This restriction creates scarcity in our body, causing our brain to go into survival mode. In this mode, the brain can only hold on for so long until it snaps and needs to get in all the food. When your body believes there is going to be scarcity (ie diet is about to start) the response is “I have to get it all in now because I dont know when I’m going to get it again.”

02. Skill Deprivation

If you have learned that when you are emotionally dysregulated, food helps calm you down, that is going to be your go-to coping skill. Unless you have learned other skills that calm you down, food will always be the thing that you grab when emotions feel icky.

03. Emotional Deprivation

If you are allowing yourself to eat all foods, but you are still struggling with binge eating, that might because you are not allowing yourself to emotionally experience the food. If while you are eating you are constantly telling yourself, “I shouldn’t be having this” or “this is so bad for me” or “I can’t believe I am eating this” you are not allowing yourself to experience the food. And when you dont experience the food, it is almost like you never ate it in the first place.

TLDR (too long didn’t read):

Binge eating is not a food problem, it is a mindset problem. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. In order to stop binge eating you MUST allow yourself to nourish your body, enjoy food, and use other coping skills when emotionally dysregulated.

Tune in to Episode 005 of the Coffee Talks Wellness Podcast to learn the 5 things I did to stop binge eating once I conquered the above



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